Announcing App Manifests

  • 17 January 2023
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Hey everyone, I'm Daniel, product designer with the Miro Platform team. We're happy to announce our new platform feature App Manifests is now available in beta!



The app manifest is a YAML file that describes all the settings of your app. It enables you to quickly edit settings and replicate configuration between apps—with more capabilities coming soon. This is an optional feature that does not affect the existing settings page: you can keep using it normally, and any setting changes will be reflected between the UI and manifest.


Also, all of our app examples on Github have been updated with app-manifest.yaml files, so it's even easier to get started with one of them!


Check out the video below for more details of how it works, or just head to your app settings and click "Edit in Manifest". This feature is available to all Miro customers with a developer team.


Feel free to share your feedback and thoughts about this feature: what works for you, what doesn't, and what else would you like from it. This is only the first iteration, and we have a lot more in mind!

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