Adding an image to a board through the API

  • 2 February 2022
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I’m trying to place an image to a board. I achieved to upload the image through the method described here:

In path params I’m using “boards” and the ID of an existing board. 

As a result of the query I get: 

"type" : "picture",
"imageUrl" : XXXXXXX,
"id" : "Optional[XXXXXXXX]"

(I substituted the original values by “XXXXX”)

So it seems that the image is uploaded but it’s not appearing inside the mentioned board.

What am I missing? 

2 replies

In the end I figure it out myself. Instead of using v1 API, I used v2.

The method is described here:


As feedback, it would be nice to have cross-reference between both versions of the APIs.


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Hi @Lozanojardi,


The Create or update Picture API is made to update the “icon” of a user, a board or a team not images on a Miro board. We don’t have such an API in v1.

You are right, to do that you need to use the REST API available in v2.