500 error on attach-tag-to-item endpoint

  • 6 October 2023
  • 2 replies

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Hi, it seems the https://api.miro.com/v2/boards/{board_id}/items/{item_id} API endpoint is returning 500 errors.

I’ve been using the “Try it!” tool on this page https://developers.miro.com/reference/attach-tag-to-item and there it works, but it doesn’t work on my application.

I am using the same bearer token, item_id, board_id and tag_id.

Is there anything wrong with the endpoint?


Thanks in advance!

2 replies


Hi @Jose Ignacio Diaz Errejon 

The end point seems to be working fine.
I copied the query at https://developers.miro.com/reference/attach-tag-to-item and hit it using the terminal and it worked. I copied the curl command (using the Shell option), but any other way should work too. I am able to verify the tag creation by refreshing the board and the tag being there on the sticky. 

Could you retry please ?

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Hi @Raktima Saxena

You are right, the endpoint is working fine.

The problem was on my side. I didn’t realized the “tag_id” was a query param, and I was trying to use it as a body param instead.


Thanks for your answer!!