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  • 23 June 2021
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Dear Miro community,

Share your ideas on Miro’s templates with the community, discuss and upvote ideas of other members! :rocket:


1. How to add a new template idea 

💡 Check if your template idea already exists. Review the list of available templates in Miro Template Library and Miroverse to check if the template you have in mind already exists. If you would like to suggest an improvement idea for an existing template, use the template feedback form.  

💡 Focus on one idea per post. If you have multiple ideas, submit them separately so that we can be clear about the status.

💡 Provide a detailed template description. Make sure to provide a detailed description of the template and define its scope:

  • Who is it for?
  • How does it help?
  • What is it? What is it not?
  • Is there something similar already? How is it different?
  • Are there any additional materials/ links to put it in context?

💡 Make sure this idea has not been posted in this wishlist before. If a similar idea has already been published, upvote it and leave your comment there, instead of creating a duplicate.


:arrow_down:  Make sure to check a couple of examples  :arrow_down: 

✅  DO 

Title: Kaizen event template


Kaizen events are part of the Lean 6Sygma framework. This template is intended for teams to plan the Kaizen event agenda,  and commit to support. It serves as a communication tool and workshop board that board, that helps the team stay on track with the goal, scope and schedule.

It’s different from the Kaizen report template because it’s intended to be used during the Kaizen event and not after. 

More about Kaizen events here.


❌  DON’T

Title: Kaizen template

Description: Would be great to have something for Kaizens.



2. Do I need to register to submit/upvote an idea?

You can view ideas without logging in. If you want to post, upvote, or comment on ideas, you should log in using your Miro account


3. How do I post a new idea or upvote?

To post a new idea:

  • Click Create topic in the top right corner (log in if you haven’t done it yet)

  • Select the post type Idea

  • Clearly explain your idea

  • Select the category Template Ideas

  • Add tags (keywords of your request)

  • Click Create, when you are ready to publish your idea.

To upvote:

  • Open the Wish List (apply filters to see ideas with the most views, votes, replies, or just recently active)

  • You can either click on the blue button with the arrow and the number or open the topic to read it through and click Vote

  • You may vote for as many ideas as you want

  • You may cast only one vote per idea.


4. What statuses are there and what do they mean?

We have two statuses for ideas:

:bulb: Idea - the idea has been submitted. Vote and comment to support the idea. 

:tada: Delivered - you can enjoy a new template in Miro! 


5. When will the Miro team pick up my template idea?

If there is an idea that you think other Miro users would benefit from, promote it in your network! Tell your friends, followers, and coworkers about the ideas you care about and generate votes to make these ideas more noticeable to the Miro team.

Miro Templates team reviews top template ideas every month. Popular ideas that align with Miro’s strategy and vision for templates may be added to the template backlog. 

In the meantime our community members might beat us to it and bring your ideas to the Miroverse community template library. 


6. I can’t find the idea I submitted some time ago. Have you deleted it?

It’s most likely that you’ve submitted an idea that is similar to the existing one, and we’ve merged them.


:point_right_tone2:Submit your idea now:point_left_tone2: 


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