Zoom in to a specific point on a frame

  • 4 March 2021
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If I am zoomed out using “fit to screen” so I can see all of the frames on my board, is there a way to zoom IN to a specific area or section of a frame (or anywhere, really), instead of just zooming in, and then moving around to the spot I want to get to?

In other apps, this is usually done by grabbing a magnifying glass tool and then outlining the area you want to go to, and you jump right there.



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4 replies

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@Duane Romanell -

Why not use the map in the lower right corner of the Miro board to jump to a spot?


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@Duane Romanell - One tip: If you are using a mouse with a wheel (and are in Mouse navigation mode), using the wheel on your mouse will zoom in to where your cursor is:


I’d prefer somthing like this Pop-up on hover | Miro or that Magnifier Tool | Miro.

If you select an item and then use CTRL + 2 it will zoom to this item and show it full in your screen.

There is a handy shortcuts and hotkeys list here :Shortcuts and hotkeys – Miro Support & Help Center