Wrong order of the frames when exporting to .PDF

  • 28 September 2023
  • 3 replies

Hi, I have a big problem with exporting selected frames to .PDF. When I select them using a rectangle selection most of the time some of the frames are in the wrong order. It does not happen when selecting them one by one while holding Shift, but if I have a lot of frames this method is an ordeal. 

3 replies

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Hi Exeon,

i totally Agree. this function should be adressed very soon.


Has this issue been resolved? A huge ordeal! Yesterday I had to export as JPG EACH individual frame and then combine in PDF to create a report. Back to Indesign for me. Huge FAIL.

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@Michelle Donnelly   >  This Problem is still unsolved. I just used this function yesterday. By the Way if you want to export a selecction of frames: Select the area > then on the pop up bar > select only the frames by using the drop down menu “filter” > then on the three dots menu you will find the PDF export option. Use best quality and you get the PDF > But you have to check the Order in Acrobat … Good Luck ;)