Wordle type word clouds?

  • 11 May 2020
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Trying out Miro features and comparing to other options. For some of my work, it is useful to be able to generate Wordle type ‘word clouds’. Is anybody doing this with Miro? I understand that is possible within Stormcloud, for example. Grateful for any wisdom and advice from this community.


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@Barrett -

There’s no native way in Miro to do this but you might be able to use the API to write something which could integrate with one of the available word cloud services (e.g.

If that isn’t doable, I’d suggest adding a wish list topic for this, but it would be good to understand the end-to-end use case since there are already a number of freely available services which could be used in conjunction (albeit manually) with Miro.

For example, if you wanted to make a word cloud of the suggestions made by a group who had been brainstorming, you could export their suggestions to a CSV and then (in Excel) to a text file and import that into, generate a word cloud and then copy & paste that back into Miro. 


@Kiron Bondale , the limitation with online (free) tools is that some companies may have reservations due to confidentiality reasons. An offline tool may be more appropriate.