Will changing plan delete my boards?

  • 14 September 2023
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Hi there, I started with Miro boards which I use for online teaching about two years  ago, when the only option for a single user was to get a two-person membership for USD 20 a month. I¨ve since then tried to find somebody willing to share the subcription with me with no success, only to discover today that for I don’t for how long now, there must have been a shift in the pricing and the Starter pack costs only USD10 monthly! Naturally, I’m quite upset given how much extra it’d cost me over the time, however that’s not the main point… I would like to change the plan now, but I’m scarred that I might lose all of my boards, which would be a small disaster in my world...😄

Can somebody please help me??

Thank you! Tereza

1 reply

oops, OK I’ve just realised that now there is an option to delete that spare seat...so I’ve sorted it out...😶