Why do sticky notes change color when I click on a frame?

Whenever I go to a Miro board by clicking on a frame on the left hand side, the top half of all of my boards change to a pale yellow color. When I refresh, they all go back to the normal yellow color. Why is this happening?

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@Stanford Educational - Can you show us what is happening?

Loom is free and quite easy to use and share a screen recording.

Here’s the link to a screen recording. As you can see, when I click on a frame it turns the top half of my boards pale yellow and I have to refresh it to get it all the same color again. Thank you!

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@Stanford Educational - Thanks for sharing the video – I have never seen such behaviour in Miro before.

Aside from the video telling me you are using a Chrome on a mac, that the board is not in a free plan, and you are not the board owner, what sticks out the most is that you appear to have a lot of browser tabs open, so my immediate guess is that the behaviour is related to memory. So, I would ask:

  1. Does this happen all of the time, on all boards?
  2. What if you closed all your browser tabs (scary, I know! haha.). Tip: On my machine, I browser to chrome://restart which brings all of my tabs back and presumably frees up a bit of memory in the process. In general, wonky, unexpected things are ultimately bound to happen when the browser is pushed.
  3. Have you tried the Miro desktop app?

Since this board is not in a free plan, and if you are a member of a paid subscription team space, i.e., not the free Education Plan, you can open a Miro support ticket by following these instructions:

Before I followed your instructions, it was happening on all boards on all three of my machines. After I closed all of my browser tabs and cleared my history/cache/cookies and restarted, it fixed it on one machine but not on the other two. I am unfortunately on the free educational plan, but I’d be willing to switch to a paid plan to resolve this issue. I can’t use the desktop app because I have a regular Mac.

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@Stanford Educational - Glad to hear it’s working for you again, at least on one machine.

 I’d be willing to switch to a paid plan to resolve this issue

Being on a paid subscription would open up access to contacting the Miro support team, but likely won’t fix the issue from happing some certain machines.

The one machine it was working on is now having another glitch, which is that whenever I navigate away to another tab (even with few tabs open), it won’t work properly unless I refresh the page. None of this stuff was happening before this week--I’m not sure what’s changed. And what makes you think this problem will persist?

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 @Stanford Educational 

None of this stuff was happening before this week--I’m not sure what’s changed.

It could be something related to your OS, the network you’re on, a browser extension – so many layers involved.


And what makes you think this problem will persist?

Speculation, really. It it happened once and no cause was determined, nothing to say it won’t happen again.

In the end, since you mentioned moving to a paid subscription in your post, perhaps that option will provide even more value to you right now as it gives you access to Miro’s support team. I will reply to your other post now.

My network has been acting weird lately (lots of buffering on video although I have a very high internet speed), so it may be that. I haven’t added any new extensions. Do you know if Miro makes updates that correspond to the latest Mac IOS and require an upgrade? Thank you!

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@Stanford Educational - Here are a few help center articles that should provide clarity around system related requirements for using Miro:

- System requirements 

- Supported browsers & browser restrictions

And the only OS version specific requirements that I am aware of are related to the Miro desktop app: