Which Template(s) to use for defining a problem or request?

  • 30 January 2023
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Prior to elicitation of business requirements, triaging the request / issue requires asking a series of questions to determine efficient requirement elicitation.

what template(s) would you suggest for defining a single issue or request?

For example:

Request from users: Visibility of customer's order date. I am looking for a template that states the request, then a series of questions / answers to triage for scope / complexity and priority:


Change to existing data? If yes,...where is it currently displayed? Format? Purpose? Where does the data come from? Is it reportable? Who all has access to this data (inside / outside dept)?....



Is it New data? If yes -> where should it be visible? Format? Who should have visibility to it?.... 


If / then format - which made me initially think basic flow chart. However, that would become very lengthy and may not be as efficient.


Is there a template that is quick, easy to understand to serve as a “general” Triage effort?


Thank you in advance!!!!!

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