Which Miro-Plan do I have to purchase?

  • 6 November 2020
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Hello Miro-Community,

I would like to prepare 4 Miro-Bords and I would like to invite a total of 30 persons into the bords. they should be able to engage themselves and work on the bords ( not only view). I do not know which price-plan would make a good deal for my Plan. Do you have any solutions?

And is it available to choose the monthly subscription and only use it for a month?

Hope to get some help. Thanks in advance guys ! :)

1 reply

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Hello @Tanwir Dhaliwal If it’s a one-off project, then I would suggest the Consultant Plan. You can create the four boards and give Guest Editor access to all 30 participants (they don’t have to sign up for Miro if they don’t want to.)

I am very sure you can sign up for a 1-month only subscription. Just remember to cancel when you’re done 😁