What is Location and How Do I Change this?

  • 2 March 2021
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Using Location as a keyword in the Community and Help Center didn’t return the relevant result I was hoping for so I’m posting this here. I’m not sure if it’s a specific question for tech support but I’m curious about this Location meta on my board.



It is not clickable so I have to ask, what is Bakels?


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@Mark McGuire - “Bakels” is the name of the Miro team in which the board is at the moment.


  1. your Miro account profile, i.e., the email address you sign with, is a member of another Miro team
  2. and you are the owner of the board (which you appear to be according to your screenshot), then you can use the Move to account action to move the board to another team:


In this example, you can see that my Miro profile is currently a member of eight Miro teams: