What defines the order of custom fields in the JIRA card within MIRO?

  • 12 August 2021
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I have JIRA card integration working between JIRA and MIRO.  It’s terrific.  All the fields are showing, with the fields in the context area being ordered higher.  But after scrolling past the context area fields, the order of the fields in the JIRA card don’t resemble the field layout defined in JIRA.  While this may seem to be a small issue, we have alot of custom fields and the entry in one custom field, drives what gets entered in other custom fields.  The order of fields in the workflow of the issue is important.

Does anyone know what defines the order of custom fields in the JIRA card within MIRO ?

7 replies

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Hi @andrew edwards,


Apologies for this delayed response.

This does not seem like an expected behaviour and I have asked our Integration Team to look into it.

I have converted your post into a support ticket and we will get back to you via email as soon as possible.

Thanks for reporting this!


Any news about this? I also don’t understand what is defining the order of fields in Miro for the Jira Card imported from Jira.

Any update on the support ticket created?


I’d also like to know the outcome of this one.

We also have the a problem where hidden jira fields in the issue types are being displayed when opening through Miro.

https://community.miro.com/members/yvain-20285 I also like to know how to change the order. We use is to poker Jira items and right now the Story Points field is at the bottom….

Any update on this? I would also like to know.

We also are having this problem… Any update?

I have also verified that neither the screen definition sequence, nor the layout sequence makes a hill of beans difference in what is displayed.

I’ve added/removed fields from the screen definition in Jira and that syncs, but changing any of the order, or moving to different tabs, or changing what is shown on the layout or where it is on the layout or the order on the layout makes no difference.

Also, we are seeing a new field in the panel view of the Miro Jira Card named “Environment” which does not exist on the screens, or even in our fields configuration…

This is maddening and it is messing up our team’s ability to use this w/ Jira… Help please 🙏🏿