What causes the online app to write changes to the registry files on a local device?

  • 28 November 2022
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I’m sure this is simple, but when users access the online link changes are made to the registry files on the local device accessing the software. To be clear, this is not the desktop app but online. Why are changes being made to the registry?


Thank you

5 replies

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This sound like a Chrome/browser thing and not a Miro thing. Can you give an example?

We use an product called Aternity, which actively polls devices to see what programs have run in the last 90 days so that we can manage software assets. Aternity does this by monitoring registry changes on the individual devices. I have users on both desktop and online usage, but I only expect to see the desktop user on my Aternity report. The online users are visible so I am trying to understand the process. 

Is there a soft client that is loaded to the device when an online user logs in? Is there a process that writes data to the device registry when accessing the online portal?


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Thanks for the context. While I cannot answer this, hopefully someone from the support team will see it and be able to.

In the meantime, have you reached out to the support team directly? If you have a paid subscription, the link to the support form can be found by following these instructions:


OK, I will. I hadn't done so yet as I like to check the community before a support ticket. I appreciate the support.

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@Bryan Anderson - It could be helpful to others in the future if you could share the support team’s response here.