Voting for 24 hrs

If I set teh voting duration for 24hrs, must I keep my computer on for 24hrs with Miro open?

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@lydia -

As per the Help Center article on voting (, and my own testing of the feature:

“If I start voting and leave the board, will board participants still be able to vote?
- Yes, the voting session is active until the time is up or you finish it manually.”


Hi - How do you set the voting duration for 24 hours?  I wanted to leverage this for a voting session with a distributed team and give everyone up to 24 hours to complete their voting  - I can only go up to 99 minutes though….

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@Radha Gunupati -

Unfortunately with the new enhancements made to the voting app, they only enable you to enter the voting time in minutes up to a maximum of 99. A number of folks have complained about this so hopefully the Miro product team are considering their feedback.


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@Kiron Bondale this is the same constraint that has been consistent of 99 minutes.