Users are asked to "join team" when they open a Miro Board

  • 13 May 2020
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I have created a board  and have shared with a client.

The share is open to public with “Can edit”

They create a miro user account and when they click the link they are asked to “Join your team in Miro”.  See picture.

If they select “create a new team” they go to the board I have created - and next time they open the miro board they are not asked to join the team.

I have not created any teams - as far as I know. I have shared a lot of other boards with clients where they do not see this and go directly to the board.



  1. Why are they getting this “join your team in Miro” -
  1. How can we avoid this “Join your team...” and make them go directly to the Miro Board


Link til the board - 





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Hi @Mads Lomholt!

The users are suggested to join the teams while registering as the teams are open for users with the same domain. In Miro, you can set different discovery modes for your team. If an admin chooses Discoverable and open to anyone with a certain domain, users with this domain will be able to join the workspace when signing up. I’m afraid only admins of the teams can disable this functionality.

By the way, users can access public boards without registering Miro profiles. 

Hope this information brings more clarity! 

I had this issue yesterday during a call, so couldn’t troubleshoot it live.  Why is the user expected to click ‘create a new team’ to access the public link they have been sent?  It is completely unintuitive.


This page would make more sense if it was headed something like “first time setup / welcome to Miro”

and there was an option to ‘join teams later’ or ‘go straight to your board’.


As it is, I’ll now remember to tell them to click ‘create a new team’ which won’t create a new team :rolling_eyes: