Undo accindential "Zoom Extends" or zoom to pre-defined area

  • 19 August 2021
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I would like to undo my accidental zoom extends (when hitting Option+A instead of Command+A when trying to select all text within an object). Or alternatively, would be nice to get to default (e.g. manually selected area) zoom position with one click similarly how you jump follow collaborator’s view by just clicking his/her profile button.


Best Regard Simo

1 reply

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Hi Simo!


Indeed, the undo button/shortcut does not apply to zoom level, but having a shortcut to do so might be a great addition.

Regarding the alternative you describe, the closest option would be the CMD+2 shortcut, which allows to default zoom on a selected item.

For both options, feel free to pitch your suggestions in our Wish List, so that they can reach our product team.

Thanks for sharing your ideas on how to improve Miro!