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  • 4 August 2020
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I tried the UML template, I am just seeing shapes. Whether full UML support is there? How can i add package or class diagram?

3 replies

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Hi @Rajan R. G,

Thank for this feedback! I’m afraid there is no full UML support in Miro yet. Will you please add a Wish List item? Please describe your use case as well in the description of the wish :relaxed:  

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Hello Miro


In addition to this subject I would like to draw an UML Activity diagram. The flow chart template does not contain all icon objects used in an activity diagram. 


Are you already working on a more extensive set of UML templates? After all, UML is the worldwide standard for software design modeling. The only chart currently supported in Miro is a Class Diagram. While UML has defined 14 types of diagrams, I think the following three are the most important:

  1. Class diagram
  2. Activity diagram
  3. Use Case diagram



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So what the heck is the point of even having a template then?   It really is of no use.  Your documentation for the template says:


Can you draw various UML diagrams with Miro?

Yes. Miro is a whiteboard tool that allows you to customize UML diagrams according to your needs and audience. The UML diagrams are mainly divided into two categories: structural and behavioral. 14 UML diagram examples are split into these two categories, and you can use Miro’s features to design for both.


Well, yeah, I could draw UML diagrams in MS Paint too but nobody is claiming that it is UML Diagramming Tool.    Miro is 100% overselling this.   SMH