Troubleshooting for workshop participants

  • 26 June 2020
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Ran a live workshop recently, which was great with Miro! Got another upcoming - any tips on helping troubleshoot compatability / interface issues for participants? Issues we encoutered were:-

  • After stopping screen share, everyone was still stuck ‘following’ my screen - had to to toggle the ‘follow’ button a few times to stop it
  • Video chat - no pop-up to allow mic and video
  • Logged in as a registered user but chat tool not showing
  • Showing as muted, but not being muted
  • Not being able to mute mic or camera - buttons there but clicking on them didn’t do anything
  • Not receiving vote notifications

All were using Chrome - although various versions I think!



1 reply

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@Natasha Morris :

In former times i got trouble with the  video chat function in Chrome.
Had you tried Firefox? I can remember it helped me as I used firefox.

If nothing helps I reccomend to contact the support team: