Transfer board content to other account

  • 24 January 2023
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I’m trying to copy the content of several boards from my edu account to one board on my personal account. Boards consist mostly of mindmaps and images. When I copy the content and then paste it to my personal, it either

  • appears, but cannot be moved. Then disappears when refreshing the board
  • appears for a microsecond and instantly disappears again
  • appears, but images do not load and show an exclamation mark

I’ve noticed that images are the problem, as I can copy mindmaps without them no problem but cannot actually copy a single image. There are too many of them to save on device and manually import them. I can’t just transfer board ownership as I can’t afford an unlimited board plan without edu. Permissions are all checked.

So what can I do to copy images from one board to another?

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