Text limit is broken

  • 12 April 2024
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I think that this problem isn’t new as I have noticed topics from almost a year ago that mentioned the same issue. It is very simple:

  • I copy text on the miro board into a new text box
  • The text pasted contains exactly 2232 characters, which is clearly lower than the 6000 characters limit
  • The text doesn’t contain any  url, link, or formatting beyond bullet points
  • So only plain text and bullet points

And yet, I cannot do anything with this text. I cannot indent bullet points, add text, etc. I always get the “Your changes cannot be applied as you have reached the text limit.”.
So basically I’m completely stuck in my work because of this obvious bug (all the information above point to a bug and nothing else).

This never happened before and since an hour ago, it pops up everywhere. Can someone from the team help on this, because this is directly impacting my work, and I can’t figure out how such a problem could arise on such a basic feature.


4 replies

I second this, has been happening on and off for maybe the last few days. I have had to create new boxes all over the show. It’s mostly all text I have typed directly into Miro.

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@Kevin_ovrl / @Libby Doran - Have either of you opened a Miro support ticket?

If you have a paid Miro subscription, you can open a Miro support ticket by following these instructions:

Just had this issue also, with regards to highlighting text.

I was able to resolve it by deleting some text from the bottom of the text box.

My text had some URLs linked within it (was a copy and paste from a Slack post), so I wonder whether it's less about the text limit, and more about the character limit on the textbox, including any code and formatting embedded within the text that's copied in? Some of the text I deleted included links, and after deleting that, no issues. 

I tried replicating the error by copy-pasting the same block of text into a different (empty) text box, but this time, I had no issue highlighting, even without needing to delete the extra bit of text at the bottom. Very weird. 

So yeah—maybe, make a new text box and try again? :S

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Thanks for the update, @juliabee -- glad to know it’s resolved and hopefully, this note is helpful to someone else. Cheers!