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  • 17 September 2020
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I’m really struggling with editing copy in MIRO. Double clicking into copy doesn’t seem to be allowing me to edit it. It’s SO annoying! Previously, double clicking into text element would allow you to edit it. Now it seems to be broken 


Best answer by Robert Johnson 17 September 2020, 17:38

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3 replies

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@Lisa Daly 


@Robert Johnson is correct, we all suffer from this from time to time. Even when I refresh the page, I typically get editing capabilities for 15-20 minutes, and then I can’t edit by double clicking again, and things on the board really slow down.

I don’t typically use the MIro desktop app, but I will try this next time I have issues to determine if it is the amount of content on the board, or the cached memory in my browser.


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I just tested this some more in both the latest Chrome and Firefox browsers on my Windows 10 computer and I am definitely finding that, as the day goes on/I have more tabs open or bigger Miro boards open, the browser slows down more and more to the point where the cursor doesn’t always show show in the object (text, sticky, shape, etc.) and sometimes it is there (and I can start typing) and other times it is just like you have shown in your video. As soon as I close the browser completely and launch it again, the memory has been cleared and it is more responsive again.

Given the inconsistent behavior or sometimes getting into edit mode when double-clicking and other times not, I would recommend that you Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center ticket.

In the meantime, one thing you should try is using one of the Miro desktop apps, keeping your Miro’ing and browsing separate. 

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@Lisa Daly  - The experience could definitely be improved. I have seen where the cursor/focus is in the field, but doesn’t show. And sometimes I have to click on the object, e.g., text box or shape, and press Enter on my keyboard vs. double-clicking on the object.

Two things to try - what happens if you:

  1. click on the object once and then press Enter?
  2. right-click  on the object and select Edit?