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  • 29 March 2021
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For me, the text box is literally unusable. Is there any settings which must be changed ? 

Here is the problem,

When I select the text box, I get a line and it expands to box when the font size is ridiculously high and size entire Miro page, 

  1. I cannot get the size of the of text box to my desired size
  2. I am not able to format it and use as it is just a line

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4 replies

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@Anand Gudimanchi

When I select the text box, I get a line

Can you share a screenshot of what “line” you are referring to?

When I select Text and click on the board, I get no lines. To make the text bigger, I can click-and-drag from a corner or use the font size +/- up/down bigger/smaller icons:


Were you perhaps creating a rectangle Shape instead?

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@Robert Johnson Thank you for reply, Please find the attached screenshot. As I increase the font size the line expand and finally i can type but I cannot resize. Practically unusable with the current settings/issue. May be some setting, which I am not aware. Thanks for your help

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@Anand Gudimanchi - Thanks. I see what’s going on now. If you zoom in more, you will be able to drag the text box from a corner, and not just the sides.


It is subtle nuance of the text object. I believe that it only appears without the white corners the very first time and when you are zoomed out too far and the text box is small.

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@Robert Johnson Thank you, yes that works. :pray_tone1:

Initially I had to zoom to 400% to get it work it should and my other work area was at 14% and text box font is 800 openSans..  my work area is 200 opensans font.  

Then I tried back on my work area with new text box which is working as it should.

Thanks for the tip, I think Adding card too had same issue. Thanks a lot.