Team Obeya - Progress board -> 'fixed column'

  • 17 September 2021
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Maybe you know Excell where you can fix the left column, and shift the columns to the left when (for instance) the columns are the weeks and as time is progressing to report and discuss progress and discuss with the team.

I would like to use Miro as a type of Obeya / progress board. For this I would nee to fix ‘the left’ column with the titels / subjects (‘swimming lanes’) we are working on and each week we can fill the results of last and upcoming week for the topics in the swimming lanes.

Anyone aware of a way that this can be made possible in Miro? 
(and yes, Excell has the feature, but is on some other accounts cumbersome to use in a user-friendly way for this type of usage)

Thanks for your ideas! It would help me a lot!

Regards, Philip

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