Team member's text is deleted shortly after it is typed

  • 29 April 2020
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Team member's text is deleted shortly after it is typed.

The user starts to type letters in English whether in text box or in the shapes mode and then it is deleted immediately after the courser clicks the other space. BUT the numbers can be typed without being deleted.


Please help to solve it!(((

4 replies

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I’d suggest contacting Miro support directly for this. I’ve been teaching a course the last three days where the learners were all adding text in stickies, text boxes and shapes and I never saw this behavior so it may be specific to your team member’s environment.

Dear Kiron, many thanks for your reply. Would you please tell how can I contact Miro support directly? I could find the link or any details about it that is why I left here the message hoping to get any hint.

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@Daria Khomyakova -

this is the direct link to the support form:

Can you provide a little more detail about the issue - is the team member still experiencing it? How are they accessing Miro (e.g. through a browser and if so, which browser) and have they tried an alternate access method to see if the same behavior recurs?


@Kiron Bondale 

Thank you for the link and support in this issue. I forwarded the problem to them.

The member uses Yandex browser. I asked her to check another one.