Synchronize PDF with Frame

  • 16 June 2022
  • 2 replies

Hi Community, 

I want to synchronize an PDF saved in dropbox with a frame in my Miro board, so that my changes automatically update in the assigned frame. 


Is there a way to do that?




2 replies

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@Tronje Thole - This should work. I just:

  1. Added a PDF to my Dropbox
  2. installed the Dropbox app from the Miro Marketplace
  3. Added the PDF to my board using the Dropbox app
  4. Selected the PDF and used the Create frame action
  5. I uploaded a new version of the PDF with the same name to my Dropbox, overwriting the previous version
  6. When I went back to the Miro board, I opened and closed the board a few times and the PDF has not automatically updated to show the new version - I had to use the update action:


Hi, it works perfect! Thank you!