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  • 19 November 2020
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I am a newb, for sure. I am using comments and I found that once I drop a comment, I can grab its header and move the comment body without moving the target (the end of the line stays) but once I place it and then click off of it, that position isn’t saved.

If I go back into the comment, the comment body is back in the default position, off slightly to the right, which is in the way of everything I need comments for.

Seems if I am able to move the body independent of the line, it should stay where I drop it, no?

Thanks for the help. 



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@Chrispurser - I agree that is seems unintuitive to be able to move the comment, but not have it stick. However, I believe the intent behind this behaviour may be to support the fact that you can pin a comment - a  feature that I did not know existed until I started poking around a bit more with comments just now.

I can see a use case for this, e.g., one could move comments to where they aren’t over top of other objects, pin them open, and then present information to someone. However, as I test “pinning” a comment I noticed that

  1. It only applies to the current board sessions, i.e., if I exit the board and go back in, the comment is no longer pinned; and
  2. other users on the board don’t see the pinned comment - even in a Miro screen share.

I suppose this is only handy if you are sharing your screen in a 3rd-party app, e.g., Zoom.

While I don’t see any mention in the Comments help center article that indicates the comments should stay to where you drag them, if this is a feature you would like to have, you could add this as an Idea in the Wish List category by following the guidelines here: Wish List: Everything You Need to Know. If you do create a Wish List Idea post, I would also recommend that you post a link to it back here, so that future readers of this post can quickly get to and vote for your Idea.

Hi @Robert Johnson,

Thanks for the detailed message. And I was worried this would be the answer.

I had also noticed the pinning behavior too. Hard to imagine that being intentional. I wonder if there is a bug in there that’s simply inconvenient and maybe no one has noticed it as it doesn’t actually ‘break’ anything. Hard to guess that all that repositioning behavior would exist to simply wash out after leaving. Miro seems to do a ton of stuff really well. I’d bet this isn’t by design.

Either way, I’ve taken your advice and created the wishlist item. If anyone would like to vote for it, they can find it here:

Thanks again for the help!

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