Sticky note text wrapping

  • 30 September 2022
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Hi there. I am creating sticky notes on a board and the text isn’t wrapping, so I end up with words split in odd places, rather than auto-adjusting. For example, I have a note that currently looks like this:


If I make the font size smaller then it fits properly, but it’s too small. For the size in the image above or larger, the whole word ‘over’ won’t wrap to the next line. The font size is set on auto, so I’m lost as to how to solve this issue. Why won’t it work? Make it work! :(

Anyone got any ideas? :)

13 replies

Yep super annoying can’t find it out either

Yes! came here to find a solution too, just started happening yesterday


Yes, having the same issues - seems to be affecting table cells too!

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Really annoying. Please fix this.

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Please please Miro Team, fix this!!

Like wise!

Ultra annoying, since yesterday! PLEASE fix it!

This looks to be an issue with Firefox I believe. I’ve only started seeing this today, 30 sept, on firefox. Using this on latest version of Monterey. 

I’ve tried using chrome and working fine there.


To note, i tried the recommend toubleshooting in firefox. Clearing Cache and data, hard reload etc and still having the same issue. Back to chrome for me until they sort it out. 

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Well glad to know it’s not just me but sorry to hear a lot of others are having the same issue! Thanks for pointing out it can be fixed by using Chrome. Not my preferred browser but I might use it for now until Miro fixes the issue. Cheers all.

Update on this one, 3rd Oct, 8:37 bst - I’m using a different machine today, 2014 (yes 2014) macbook pro, running Big sur, and this issue is not present on latest version of firefox.

Same problem here for my team.

Same thing is happening for us. We pay for enterprise licenses and this is unacceptable, to be honest. We use Miro for a lot of complicated things and this makes it impossible to use/read stickies. Please someone from Miro figure out what’s going on! 

Is this intentional? Is it possible to switch to the former defaults - justify on whole words ?