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  • 19 August 2020
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We are looking to create some boards to replace static content that is currently on whiteboards using printed magnets. I began building a proof-of-concept on my computer (FHD / 1080p), and all seemed to be going well. 

(We would be using sticky notes heavily, as they perform the same function we currently have with magnets.)

However when viewing on a 4k screen, the resolution / pixelation on the sticky notes is TERRIBLE. When the entire board is viewed the text inside the sticky notes isn’t even legible.

Has anyone else had issues with image clarity / resolution at 4k?


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I’ve learned from the team that unfortunately, Miro doesn't work on 4k monitors. That’s why it behaves unexpectedly in your case. As a workaround, we can suggest you switching the display resolution to 1440p (2,560 x 1,440) or 1080p (1.920 x 1.080). We understand that this is not the best solution but this will increase performance for sure. 

Are there any plans to support this? Would love to have Miro in such detail while also having an overview over a large board.

@Marina Another follow up from my side. I just spoke to my colleague who was viewing our board on a 5K iMac screen and according to him the text on the sticky notes was very sharp. How should i reconcile that? Seems in his case high res is not an issue at all? Or is it only in certain scaled modes that sharpness becomes an issue? On the other hand: on my retina macbook screen there is no issue either.

I am considering getting a 4K screen with the potential benefit of razorsharp Miro boards so it’s important for me to know if I would actually achieve this benefit?

Using Miro on a 4K Samsung 65” and the quality is no good. We really need 4K-support for this ASAP, it´s 2020 people, Resolution shouldn´t be an issue… :(