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  • 31 October 2022
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Hey Guys,

Struggling to find a simple line - no connectors or anything like that. Something that acts in the same way as a shape so it aligns to other objects etc without constantly trying to snap to things.

Does this exist?


4 replies

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@MikeR -

Other than the first option in the connection tool panel, the only other option would be a rectangle shape with minimal width. It would be thicker than a connection line, but wouldn’t have any of the connection line’s behaviors.


It’s so ridiculous that there is no basic line tool

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While not the most robust line solution, a standalone line can be created by using the Connection Line app, or by pressing the L hotkey.

A few shortcuts when working with lines are:

  • Holding Ctrl/Cmd while dragging the end of a line will stop it from snapping to objects.
  • Holding Shift while working with a straight style line, i.e., not curved or angular, will cause the line to snap to level in 45 degree increments.

More on all of this can be found in the Connection lines help center article:

Thank you, the connector tool was not working for me like that before. But now it is. Appreciate your help.