Set Field Values Based on Board Position

  • 27 July 2023
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Is it possible to assign a field value to either a JIRA card or a “regular” card, based on its position on the board?  

The use case is sprint-planning.  Image a board with 4 columns.  The first column represents the current sprint, the 2nd column the sprint after that, the 3rd column the sprint after the sprint represented by 2nd column, etc.  

After I’ve placed my JIRA cards in the sprint where we are most likely to be able to get to the item described on the card, I want to be able to hit a button a fill a (pre-determined) field on each card, with a value associated with the column it is sitting in. 

Otherwise, the visual planning is nice, but the last step is still hand-typing in dates on a bunch of Miro cards/JIRA screens.   

Is this possible with current Miro/JIRA functionality?  

1 reply

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Hi @NaiveBayesian great question. Whilst it's not currently possible to do what you want, I feel that there's a better solution that you may not be aware of. Have you seen the new Program Board plugin which was released by Miro a couple of months ago? It allows you to do sprint-level planning by clicking and dragging JIRA tickets between sprints in the Program Board, and they get automatically synched back to JIRA. You could then use a jira automation to add dates if you require that.