Saw a Retrospective and then it disappeared.

  • 26 December 2022
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I saw a Retrospective and it was a template that had a slide or page full of different movies with some really good questions to reflect back on. When I tapped to save it, the site pulled up something completely different and when I went back to try and find it it’s completely gone. Was anyone able to capture that, that could possibly share it with me?

Also, any ideas on why it may have been removed? I was thinking maybe copyrights but that seems like a stretch.

2 replies

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@QDavis -

Are you able to search your browser history and locate the URL for it as there are literally hundreds of retrospective Miro templates out there so it’d be pretty difficult to locate without that?


Hi @Kiron Bondale it was not technically in my browser, I found it via the app. I went to a link for Miroverse templates and discovered it there but it was really weird because when I tapped on the link it loaded and briefly showed all the right info and screenshots for the template in question, but when I tapped to open or save it, it took me to something completely different and it just vanished. I tried searching retro and retrospective and it’s just gone.