Return to a certain zoom level and a specific section of the project simultaneously.

  • 14 December 2023
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Hi :)

I'm writing from our team, who recently began using your app.
We're impressed with its intuitiveness and overall design - thanks for that!

However, we've encountered a bit of a snag. It's related to the view mode settings, particularly zooming in and navigating through our projects.

Is there an option to quickly return to a certain zoom level and a specific section of the project with just one or two clicks?

Here's the situation: Our projects often contain over 50 elements. We start our presentations in the top left corner with a zoom of 85%. As the presentation progresses, we navigate to different areas and adjust the zoom level, sometimes above or below 85%.

There are moments when we need to swiftly move to a particular project section at a predetermined zoom level. This becomes challenging during live online presentations, as manually adjusting the view with multiple clicks is time-consuming.

Is there a feature that allows us to jump to a designated part of the project with a set zoom level using just one or two buttons?

We're happy to provide screen recordings for a clearer understanding if needed.

We only use touchscreens. We have already discovered the function with a double-click on the name of a frame. However, it is not an optimal solution because the name of a particular frame is not always visible on the current screen.

Best wishes from Berlin,


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I suggest exploring frames. You can quickly jump between frames using the interactive presentation mode.