[RESOLVED] Miroverse Share link not working when generated from Miro Dashboard

  • 27 October 2023
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Hii all,

I don’t know what happened. All the miroverse share links don’t work. With the shared link i can only go to the home page of miroverse. I tried with my miroverse template and others no one works. 

How to deal with this problem?



Robert Johnson 7 months ago

@Robert Johnson The bug has been fixed.

Indeed it has. Thanks for the update, @Bogdan Matra!

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6 replies

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@Ning Meng - To help troubleshoot the issue, can you

1. Provide a link to one of your templates (copy the URL of the page from the browser address bar) - e.g , https://miro.com/miroverse/roadmap-mountain-template/

2. Share the link generated by the "Share" action, e.g., here's the link from the above template (which takes me to the template when I use it from another browser): https://miro.com/miroverse/roadmap-mountain-template/?social=copy-link


@Robert Johnson Thank for your reply

1. the link of my templates works

2. the share one didn’t

Here are the links generated by the “Share”

System Map https://miro.com/app/dashboard/?miroversePath=%2Fsystem-maps-template%2F

Innovation Diagram https://miro.com/app/dashboard/?miroversePath=%2Finnovation-diagram-template%2F

When i click these links, the templates show. But after 1 second, the page move to mirovese home page automatically.

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@Ning Meng - Thanks for sharing those links. What I was looking for was the link of the template by going to www.miroverse.com, searching for the template, opening the template page, and then copying the URL from your browser. However, though more testing of my own, I think I have narrowed down a scenario where I can reproduce the issue. I will open a support ticket and reply back here with what I learn.

Support Team:

When I generate a Miroverse Share link from the Miroverse.com, i.e., outside of a Miro dashboard, the Share link works, i.e., it successfully redirects a user to the template – e.g.:

From (https://miro.com/miroverse/roadmap-mountain-template/) → Share action:https://miro.com/miroverse/roadmap-mountain-template/?social=copy-link 

However, the share link being generated while on the Miroverse from within a Miro dashboard (both the browser and the Miro desktop app) is not working as expected, i.e., the user is taken to the template, but is then immediately redirected to the Miroverse homepage.

For example:

Browser: Miro dashboard → Miroverse (left sidebar) → Share action:https://miro.com/app/dashboard/?miroversePath=%2Froadmap-mountain-template%2F 

Miro desktop app: Miro dashboard → Miroverse (left sidebar) → Share action:https://miro.com/app/dashboard/?miroversePath=%2Froadmap-mountain-template%2F 

The template page loads, and then immediately redirects back to the Miroverse homepage


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Update from Miro support team:

I understand that when sharing the link generated from the Miroverse template, it does not work as expected and redirects the user to the Miroverse page. I've reproduced the behavior and will alert our development team.

@Robert Johnson The bug has been fixed.

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@Robert Johnson The bug has been fixed.

Indeed it has. Thanks for the update, @Bogdan Matra!