[RESOLVED] Help ! I have purchased a annual plan accidentally

Hi there !
I have, 1 year ago, subscribed to the miro for startup plan for my previous company.
I am not part of that company anymore, and i have been unable to access my miro account or my mailbox (witch doesn’t exist anymore).
So the issue there is that i have been unable to unsubscribe the automated renewall and i have been charged around 550$ on my personnal card.
I’ved tried to reach the support, but i did not get any answers or responses.
Got any ideas how to solve this ?

Thanks !

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@Melchior Pedro-Rousselin -

When you mentioned that you tried to reach support did you do it via the Miro support request form here: Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center ?

If so, how long ago was this?


Hi @Kiron Bondale ,

Thank you for your answer.

I have contacted them a week ago, as soon as i’ve seen the movement on my bank account. 

But it looks like it was the wrong link, i have searched a long time.

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@Melchior Pedro-Rousselin -

I’d recommend re-submitting the request today using the link I’d provided in my original response. If you don’t hear anything by Tuesday, update this thread with that and I can see if I can request a Mironeer to escalate this on your behalf.


Hi @Kiron Bondale , the issue has been resolved.

They cancelled my plan and deleted my account, as requested. Thank you a lot for the support and the information.


Have a good day,