[RESOLVED] Cannot restore deleted board in Free Plan

Previously I was able to restore the board via the board link, but since today this is no longer possible, does anyone know why this is?

Expecting to see:


But am now seeing:


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@Sebastian Hoffmann -

Unfortunately, it looks like the Miro product team has changed the behavior for deleted boards on free plans. I’d suggest opening a request with Miro support here to find out what options (if any) exist: Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center



Thanks for the reply, I opened a ticket. Let's see what the team says about it and if there will be another options in the future.

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I can also confirm this behaviour in one of my Free Plan teams.



Yesterday I deleted the wrong board on my free account. I followed the instructions for recovery (using the link to the deleted board), but the Miro page that displays doesn’t include an option to restore the lost board. I am logged in using the same account as the deleted board. How can I recover the deleted board? Thank you!

Link to deleted board:


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@John Elstad - I merged your post with this existing one from today.


I have both Free and Enterprise account. By mistake a board from my free account was deleted and I cannot see the Trash icon to recover it. Anyway you can recover it fo me Maybe moving to the Enterprise account


The link for the board is: https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVOOqETus=/


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@Rodrigo Cavaleiro - I merged your post with this existing one from today.

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As of this post, the How to restore a deleted board Help Center article is showing that Free Plan users should still be able to restore a deleted board, so hopefully this is just a temporary bug/glitch.

@Sebastian Hoffmann - Please do let us all know what the support team tells you.



I don’t see an option to restore, only this:


Same here. Also in the desktop app the trash is not available.

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I tried the links of my deleted boards again and the bug appears to be fixed.

 Can anyone else confirm this?

Bug is fixed!

Works for me, too. Thanks!