Removing access/deleting non-members

  • 14 February 2023
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I’m on a free Miro plan. I’m trying to delete ex-employees of my business so that they don’t have access to our boards but I can’t find the ability to do this? I’ve looked at the resources that refer to 3 dots that you click on but I only have question marks - help pls!




2 replies

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@NikiF - There are two roles types in a Free Plan team:

  1. Member (Adiaan is a Member)
  2. Team Admin

Only the Team Admin role can Remove users. From your screenshot, you are not a Team Admin as you do not have the ellipsis menu, where the “Delete from team” option is located.

You will need to ask a Team Admin to remove the user from the Free Plan.

Yes that worked - thanks so much!