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  • 19 December 2023
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Maybe I’m missing something but this toolbar gets in the way and I find it pointless. Please allow us to remove or hide it. The AI assistant gave instructions for options that don’t appear in my version of Miro. Thank you!! 🤗



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@kbt1759 - You cannot remove this [navigation] toolbar. However, you raise a good point. I have had the toolbar collapsed for years now as I never use the mini map (tip: Press M to toggle the toolbar open/closed).

And as for the zoom +/- and precent, I use a number of other actions that replace these:

  • Zooming in/out - I use my mouse wheel to zoom in/out. And if I was using a trackpad or touchscreen, I would be using my fingers and not these +/- actions.
  • Jumping to 100% - While you can click on the percent number to jump to 100%, I use Ctrl/Cmd+0 to do this.
  • Navigating around the board with little physical movement - While this larger the point of the mini map, I zoom way out quickly using my mouse wheel, point my cursor where I want to zoom into, and flick the mouse wheel again to zoom to that location.

I could do without the +/- action icons, which could cut that navigation toolbar in half.

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@Robert Johnson Exactly!!

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Thank you for sharing this is great feedback  @kbt1759 and tips @Robert Johnson! If you haven’t already, feel free to add any new ideas on how to improve Miro to our Wish List for consideration!