Receiving Internal Error when converting to Jira issue from specific Miro board

  • 5 September 2023
  • 2 replies

I am getting Internal Error popup when converting to Jira issue on a board that used to work before. Also not able to pull cards out either. The issue is only showing in this miro board at this time.
Even though there is an internal error the issue is still being created in Jira, but not transformed into a Jira card and not linked.
We have several people using the integration and are entering our Q planning period and is crucial that it works. 
What could the problem be? 
Duplicating the board allows me to use the Jira cards as it should, but not in the specific board. Is there some limit to how many Jira cards we can create per board? Any settings that I may need to change? 

2 replies

Hey, we had the same problem, though I don’t think we tried it on different boards.
Now that we reinstalled and reconfigured the app it is not working anymore at all. So better not try that ;-)

We have opened a support ticket. No response yet.

We still didn’t get any technical feedback, but it seems the issue is resolved for is.

Does it also work for you @Donika Pavlova-Bjørnsten