Pupil sign in problems

  • 22 January 2021
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I have a class of 12 year olds, who have tried to follow the link I sent them to join my board.  Unfortunately, they have got confused and have forgotten their passwords, and we can not get them back in as it says that their emails are already in use….

How can I get them back?!

Many thanks

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6 replies

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@scurtis - Miro has the standard “Forgot password” option - they should use that:


In the meantime, if you have a paid or Education plan, they can join the board as anonymous guest editors:



I see that on the basic log on page, when pupils are following a link, that opition isn’t available.  I’ll get them to create an account, and then resend links…

Many thanks


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@scurtis - Have you password protected the board? If so, you will see this in the board’s Share settings:

 If there is a password set, it can be changed or removed by clicking on Edit password:

Is this what your students are seeing when they follow your link?

What happens if you open a private/incognito browser window and follow the same link? Do you see the above prompt?

Thanks for answers so far.  I need them logged in with their names, for the lesson, this is the window they get if they’ve lost their password…


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@scurtis - That is the sign up page.

They should go to the Login page and click on Forgot password.

Have them go directly here → https://miro.com/recover/ (don’t worry that is says to enter a “Work email”)



I’ll sort in on Monday