Problem with syncing and saving in Miro


I have a problem with syncing and saving in Miro - I cannot copy templates created by anyone to my project because the application hangs every time during synchronization. Restarting the browser and computer, opening Miro in incognito mode, downloading the application to the computer and deleting cookies in the browser did not help. Nothing is saved in Miro.

When you try to synchronize, the following message appears:
"Sync. Please wait."

Receiving responses from the server. We recommend waiting to avoid data loss. "

Unfortunately, waiting does not help, because even if I wait an hour... the data will not be saved and everything will return to its previous state, i.e. everything will be deleted.

Second question: Every time I wait for the save option to be activated (until the synchronization message appears). Is it possible to save changes made to the project yourself?

I thought that everything would be automatically saved in Miro in real time, but apparently not... and I don't see the Ctrl + S (save) option anywhere either...

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@Sara.G. - It sounds like you have done some really good troubleshooting so far. 

Aside from saving templates to a board, does Miro work at all for you? For example, can you create a new board and add a sticky note, and that sticky note is still there when you close and reopen the board?

Note: There is no "save" action in Miro - everything should be saved right after it happens.

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It depends. I manage to create a new board, but after some time it disappears - sometimes the entire board, and other times a sticky note or entered text.
Sometimes it disappears after a while, other times, for example the next day.

Can anyone help me ?

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@Sara.G. - With the behaviour and “syncing” error you are describing, I would first be looking at your computer, installed software (e.g., firewall/VPN), your network/router/wireless or wired connection, your router/connection to the Internet.

Have you tried calling your Internet service provider to test your connection to the Internet? Are you able to try from another device/computer? And even from another network connection?

Outside devices/networks, what is your Miro setup? For example, are you using a free or paid subscription? Are there other members on your Miro space team? Are they experiencing the same issue?

Can you share a screenshot of your entire Miro dashboard? For example: