Previously locked items reverts to being locked

  • 23 November 2021
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I have an issue where items in frames becomes locked without any action being taken. This issues related to this previously register question.



I have multiple frames on my board, in which I have various items such as shapes, sticky notes and tables. These items have been locked by me but later unlocked such that collaborators can edit the content. However, after just a few minutes the items revert back to being locked. This has very negative consequences as it limits the collaboration possibilities.


Furthermore, there is no event registered in the board history of any of the actions (active choice of unlocking/non-active choice of locking).


I am using the web app with Safari - Version 14.1.2.

1 reply

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@Gustav Kjellberg -

Is this happening consistently and have you been able to reproduce the issue in a simple board with just one frame and a few shapes within it? If it is reproducible, I’d suggest recording a Loom (or similar) video and contacting Miro support here so they can help you troubleshoot it: Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center