Planner for Jira is only showing certain Jira Boards

  • 3 April 2024
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I have integrated Jira with Miro, but am only able to select certain boards in the dropdown within Miro. The board I need to view within Miro is a Business Project, and from a quick glance, I can see my companies software projects listed as options.

Notably, I can find the individual cards when adding a specific card through the Jira Cards option. Any help with this would be much appreciated!


Best answer by Peter Parkes 8 April 2024, 07:55

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5 replies

I also have this issue - any help would be appreciated! 

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@Mason Mayne / @Shariza Mustafa - From my experience, Planner only appears to support the Jira Software project type – not Work Management, Service Management, etc.

@Peter Parkes – Hi Peter. I saw your What’s New: A look back Talktrack about Planner. Are you able to clarify which Jira project types are supported in Planner? The Planner for Jira help center article does not appear to mention the types. Thanks!

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Hi! Planner currently supports Jira Software projects, as it relies on the presence of a ‘Board’ in Jira. Neither Jira Work Management, Jira Service Management, nor Jira Product Discovery have the concept of a Board, despite sometimes appearing to do so in the interface ;)

We’re exploring ways to make Planner more flexible and support these other Jira project types, but don’t have a timeline we can commit to publicly yet.

And thanks for taking a look at our Help Center first – we’re also in the process of refreshing our support pages for Jira and this is on our list to clarify.

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Thanks, @Peter Parkes! 🙏

That’s helpful to know, thank you! @Peter Parkes