People joining a team I did not create

Hi - this is a weird one, not sure why it’s happening. I am getting notifications about coworkers joining my Test team, but I did not create one nor invite others to join. 

Has this happened to anyone else?



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Hi @MGB 


Not sure what is happening but here’s a help article that explains how to find and see all the boards you own. Perhaps you can find the board there and fix its settings, if that’s what you want. Hope this helps!

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@MGB - While signed into Miro using the email address to which you are receiving these notifications, have a loom at every team space listed in the left-vertical bar of your dashboard, e.g.:


From what you are describing, I would expect that you are the (or one of) Team Admins of a team space with the word “Test” in it. Then, what can commonly happen is, someone else in that (likely a Free Plan) team space is inviting others to collaborate on boards in that space, adding them to the space in the process, which is resulting to emails to yourself. Just one scenario.