pen selector not working

  • 2 March 2024
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After some time of using miro, I am unable to change pen color or stroke size (I can change to, say, eraser). That is, I tap on pen, then three options appear; when I click on one of them, nothing happens. Pen writes on the screen all right, and no other functions seem to be affected. I can easily fix it by restarting miro. That is, if I kill the app, then start it again, everything works, but after some time it seizes working again. Unfortunately, it happens often, plus it is also not very convenient thing to do during a class.

I am using Samsung Galaxy Tab. I do not experience these issues when I open Miro in browsers.

My reading is that this topic is related to the same problem, but it got no replies

Other topics on interactions of a pen with color picker seem to be unrelated to my issue (I am content with choosing between three colors).

Thank you!


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