PDFs not uploading correctly

  • 14 December 2022
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My PDFs display fine when I open them on Acrobat or Bluebeam but when I upload to Miro there always seems to be something off, like some of the hatches (large coloured regions) go missing randomly. The pdf quality is fine though. Has anyone experienced this issue and have a fix?

7 replies


Can you post a Loom video or screenshot showing what’s happening? Is the PDF file huge? What device are you using? 

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A few things to note:

Is the PDF file huge?

If by “huge” you are referring to byte size, there is a 30 MB upload limit already imposed as per the Uploading files to boards help center article.

Existing Support ticket for possible PDF related bug

There was a recent post where some users are experiencing PDF rendering issues - here is the post:


It seems to be related to Windows and hardware acceleration. The support ticket is still open (ticket # 500411).

@EngageO2 - If you are using Windows, you could try disabling Hardware Acceleration in the desktop app by pressing the Alt key from the dashboard/”boards” tab (this exposes the menu bar) and then Help → (uncheck) Hardware acceleration. In Chrome, search the browser settings for “hardware acceleration”.

Hi @EngageO2,

Are you still having the issue on uploading PDFs? 
Please let us know if the above-mentioned troubleshooting helped you with your concern or if you still need further assistance.

For me it helped, thanks!

Do I need to check “hardware acceleration” again later? What is this for?

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@Fabio Sandmeier - I would expect that your preference will be remembered until, of course, your local settings are cleared, e.g., uninstall then install.

As for what is it, from this site:

Hardware acceleration is a process by which applications offload or send certain commands and tasks to specialized hardware in your system to increase performance and reduce the load on the CPU.

I’m having the issue not, regardless of hardware acceleration.

PDF import does not include some pages and often renders as very low resolution. Any help??