Paste issue in Miro

  • 21 March 2023
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I tried to copy and paste the sticky notes from one board to another. Paste is not working with Ctrl+V. It works only with right click and paste option. Its bit strange and I found same behavior with Frame copy paste also. 

When using Ctrl+V, instead of pasting contents, it paste only the Miro signup picture as mentioned below.


9 replies

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@Arunkumar Sekar - Pasting of sticky notes between boards I own that are in the same team and in different teams is working for me in:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Miro desktop app

on Windows 10 and 11, 64-bit.

Can you provide more details around your scenario, e.g., like the above information/scenario where this is not working for you?

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In my case, both boards are owned by me. I tried the paste operation in Chrome on Windows 10.

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@Arunkumar Sekar - Are the sticky notes grouped?

Do they have any links in them?

What happens if you disable any installed browser extensions? (An incognito window usually accomplishes this.)

Are you able to try it using the Miro desktop app?

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@Robert Johnson Sticky notes are not grouped. As I mentioned earlier, I faced this issue not only with sticky notes but also with frames. 

I tried now with the desktop app also. 

If tried to copy and paste sticky notes in app, only the right click paste is working.

Ctrl+V is not pasting the sticky note but it pastes something else which I copied before.

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If there are other members in the same team, does this also happen for them, or just you?

If you have a paid subscription, have you opened a Miro support ticket?

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It happens to few of my team members also. 

I didn't open a ticket yet. I just wanted to check with the community before opening the ticket. 

@Robert Johnson  Thanks a lot for your inputs.

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@Arunkumar Sekar - Out of curiosity, what happens if you:

  1. Create a sticky note and enter the word: test
  2. Copy to your clipboard using Ctrl-C
  3. Go to this website and Ctrl-V:

I get the following result:

Plain text:



<!--StartFragment--><span data-meta="<--(miro-data-v1)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(/miro-data-v1)-->"></span><div><div><div>test</div></div><div></div><div></div></div><!--EndFragment-->



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And if your result looks similar, what about with one of your sticky notes that is causing a board link to appear when you paste it? What does the clipboard inspector site show?

NOTE: Only paste into that site (or here) if there is no confidential information.

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I found another interesting observation now in this topic and raised a ticket for it.Please refer