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  • 17 November 2020
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Hi Communinity,


Does anyone know how long it takes to receive an email from Miro incase you perform a password reset? I would expect that would be more or less instant. But I have a member that didn’t receive any email after 30 min and still hasn’t.




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@Erwin Duisdeiker - I just tested this and my confirmation email came within seconds (I am using Gmail). However, email can involve many hops through outgoing/incoming servers, spam firewalls, etc. The problem could exist in many locations. I would suggest that the user reaches out to Miro support via this special form and perhaps they can at least confirm that the email was sent on their end.

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@Robert Johnson 

Thanks for reaching out and testing it yourself. I was already in the process of contacting Miro support. But thought to check it first in the community.

So thanks again and I will proceed with my miro support request.

kind regards