Password Protection for Frames?

  • 4 November 2020
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Can a Frame or section of a grid be password protected so changes can only be made by someone who holds the password?  I use Miro for online photography critiques and it has been a bit of a problem as students have inadvertently altered other students work.  It seems that the locking function is not adequate.  If no, is there another way to password protect parts of a board?  Thank you!


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@PhotoPhlo - There is no way to password-protect objects within a board. However, board owners can use the Protected Lock feature to prevent all other participants from being able to unlock objects. Even a Team Admin will not be able to unlock the object.

Protected Lock is available on all paid (and Education) plans. If you are not on a Free Plan, maybe this will work for you.

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@PhotoPhlo - Here it is in action.

I will show the object being locked by the board owner and then using the Protected Lock feature to set it to Only I can unlock. Then I will flip over to another browser to show what another team member would see:


Now only the board owner can unlock the object - everyone else sees:


Thank you Robert!!!  One question, as the owner of the board I am the only one who will be able to use ‘Only I can unlock’, correct? Am I correct in saying this?  It would be so great if each student had that ability.


I am on an education plan so will definitely look into this for my students. 


Much appreciated...Matthew

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@PhotoPhlo - You are correct. I realized that I didn’t have my original description quite right and said that “only the person who created the object could unlock it”. My apologies - with so many new features coming out so quickly, I am bound to get them mixed up sometimes 😉 I have updated my original replies.

In summary, a board owner can lock down any board objects using Protected Locked, so that only they can unlock them. Therefore, you could lock down your students work to avoid any changes being made.