Pan/scroll missing?

In the most recent update the pan/scroll feature with my wacom pen+tablet is unreliable. Sometimes it zooms, sometimes it pans across the canvas. Usually, when I restart the app I can pan then slowly over the course of the session it will only zoom. 

Not sure what’s up. Is anyone else seeing this? 

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Ok. Quick update. It looks like things are a bit less buggy when I turn on “reduce motion” in preferences. Still pretty bad though. I get zoom whenever I pick up the pen from the tablet. 

Ditto with my Wacom Intuos CTL-4100 on macOS.

I’ve mapped one of my pen’s buttons to middle click. Sometimes, when I move the pen with that button pressed, it pans the Miro board. Most of the time, Miro doesn’t respond at all. I haven’t found any fiddly way to make it work again, like reloading the page, moving the focus around, resizing the window, etc.

I’ve tried mouse, trackpad, and auto-detect modes.

I can’t find any keyboard modifiers that cause regular clicks to be interpreted as pan, so with no workaround, I’m forced to pan using the arrow keys on the keyboard.